The creative act is a process,
not a moment. — g.v.

Emily Verba Fischer, 1982, returned to the United States to teach after receiving her master’s degree in Visual Communication and Iconic Research from the Basel School of Design. Prior to her studies in Switzerland, she worked as a visual designer for a variety of corporate and cultural clients in New York City, San Francisco, Seattle, and the French Alps. Through these divergent life experiences, she developed a teaching approach that emphasizes global citizenry in addition to design acuity.

Emily is concerned with the influences and consequences of images in everyday life, and encourages her students to critically analyze and question what they design, document, and archive. Design for ecology, design process, and information aesthetics are among her ongoing areas of investigation.
Emily is a tenured Associate Professor in the University of Cincinnati’s School of Design. In 2023 she will pursue a sabbatical on Design and Biomimicry, building on her profound fascination with sacred geometry and reverence for Mother Nature.

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